Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damage from Pipe

SERVPRO of Plano was contacted by the homeowner's that were out of town and had a friend watching the home. The friends were going by every other day to check o... READ MORE

Church Water Damage

SERVPRO of Plano was called out by our Church Pastor during the night after he was notified that his church had flooded water was seen flowing from the doors in... READ MORE

Water Damage to Commercial Carpet

WATER DAMAGE to a commercial building caused by a toilet over flow during on evening saturated carpet in the hall and several offices. SERVPRO was contacted a... READ MORE

Flooding in a Local Business

During our Freezing temperature we have had lately one of our local businesses in Plano had flooding from busted water lines. The sheets of water breached this ... READ MORE

Saving Wet Wood Floors

Most people panic when water hits wood flooring. Depending on how soon after the loss SERVPRO of Plano can get started we can sometimes save wood floor. We have... READ MORE

Messy Water Damage to Local home

This home had a water damage from an HVAC drain line in the attic causing ceiling drywall and insulation to fall into the bathroom making a big mess. We always ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Plano TX

Water loss from a broken toilet tank caused damage to the homeowners master suite. The homeowners took precaution and lifted and started removing the pad themse... READ MORE

Residential water Damage in Plano, TX

SERVPRO of Plano was contacted by the property owners friend that was taking care of this home while the couple was on vacation. This friend had gone by the hom... READ MORE